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#1 Supplier for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Accessories and Supplies.

ALAN Manufacturing, Inc. has been serving the HVAC industry for over fifteen years, offering the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.

Specializing in customized damper/duct products, including;

Zone Control: Tube, Rectangular, and Retrofit dampers with wired or wireless controls

Dampers: Regular, Heavy Duty, and Gasketed (available in urethane, neoprene or silicone)

Hardware: Damper Clips, Damper Clip Extension, Washers, Wing Nuts, Handles, U-Bolts, Panning Nails, Drawband set, Saddles, Regulator Dials, End Bearings (regular and spring), Bushings (regular and locking)

Gaskets: GSA 2-sided 1" Width and 1 1/2" Width, Gasket Tape
Duct Hangers: Regular, Expandable with nail in or prong ends, straps/strapping, etc.

Metal Fittings: Steel Rings 1" Width and 1 1/2" Width, Cam & Clasp Set, Corners (regular and rounded), Nail Plates

Insulation Pins: Weld-on and Stick-on

& More....

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