The Essex Winair Co has been open for business since 1986. The Essex Winair Co is part of a national wholesale distribution network as Winwholesale. Winwholesale is the third largest wholesale distributor of plumbing, industrial PVC and HVACR products in the U.S. and Canada. The company was listed Forbes top 200 privately held companies in America, and was recently named Supply House Times' 2004 wholesaler of the year. Essex Winair Co is one of the 500+ Winwholesale companies operating in 42 states.

The Essex Winair Co, while being part of the Winwholesale distribution network, has been independently owned and operated since 1986. Essex Winair Co's active memberships in CHCC, NHRAW, RSES, HBA and NACM, as well as local trade support, show a commitment to the continued improvement of the industry.

The main marketing area for Essex Winair Co is New Haven, Middlesex, New London, and Windham Counties.

Our Staff
Ernie Nunzianto: 30-plus years in HVAC and plumbing wholesaling

Bill Silas: 20-plus years in HVAC and plumbing wholesaling
Mark Nunzianto: 5- years in HVAC wholesaling

Mark Nunzianto

Ron Taylor: 6-plus years in HVAC wholesaling

Daniel Palozie: 1 year in HVAC wholesaling