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Hire Dimensions has 25 years’ experience helping small to mid-size companies attract, qualify, assess, interview, and hire the best talent possible. Our goal is simple….we want to maximize your time, your money, and attract the most amazing talent available.

Our latest version of applicantlist is designed to make hiring easy and effective. Everything from job posting, tracking applicants, social recruiting, branded career site, applicant assessments, and even background checks, are from one source and a simple click away.

Want more applicants?

On today’s market, 65% of the applicants you want to find use a mobile platform to look for jobs. Applicantlist allows complete mobile ready and seamless applicant process. The applicants you want have to easily, quickly, painlessly,apply to your job to be effective. Almost 90% of applicants you never see because they fall out of the application process if these needs are not met.

If you are frustrated from these big data dumps of resumes and tired of job board chess our Applicantlist platform will checkmate your applicants so you can quickly position yourself to win.

Please give us a call for a free trial of one of the most powerful, and effective ways to attract, qualify, and hire good talent. Call Paul @ 800-795-4473 or direct @ 214-215-5919